Thursday, 13 January 2011

X23-25 Three Triples!

This was a trio of impressive triples - maybe my favourite beer style, in tough competition with IPA-styled beers.

Leffe Triple
First out is the weakest link in this chain, but still a very good triple. The nose offers up aromas of dried apriocts, yellow apples and sweet malt. I can feel the alcohol, just a tad, but still, it is there. But good anyway.
The taste is cool and finely tuned with notes of dried fruits, some sugar canes and yellow apples. Long, nice finish with a good bitter twist. The taste is better than the nose on this one. Very good.

88p   (tasted from bottle - 2010/12)

Floreffe Triple
This one is a couple of notch up the quality ladder. A deep, creamy, fine nose with notes of sweet lemon, banana, hay and a lovely smoky note. Deep, cool and elegant. Very, very good.
The taste is big and elegant at the same time, with lots of lemons, stone/gravel and some smokiness. Long, long finish. The creaminess of the flavour is great. Very easy to gulp down...:-)

91p   (tasted from bottle - 2010/12)

Villers Triple
And I saved the best for last - this is a beaty! The nose is just great with lots of depth and beautiful notes of road dust, asparagus, sweet lemons, dried fruits and a some yeast. Very complex, deep and intense. Some wet undergrowth. Beautiful!
The taste is sooo clean, deep, complex and focused, with lovely notes of oranges, yellow apples, gravel and wet earth. Very, very long. Just a brilliant taste. This is one for the cellar!

95p   (tasted from bottle - 2010/12)


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