Saturday, 1 January 2011

X19 - Samuel Adams Triple Bock

I got a couple of these bottles for my 40th birthday - 6 long years ago...:-) I drank one then and found it a little to overbearing at 17% - at that time the strongest beer in the world (I think - correct me if I´m wrong).
Well, I found two of these bottles while moving things around in the cellar. They have been stored at 11 degrees Celsius since I got them. On the back a sticker says "Best before 200709".

The nose is big and heavy with deep notes of toffee, black cherrys, licorice and dark chocolate. It is a little flat on the nose, there were no foam what so ever when I poured it. Cherry Heering. Very deep but not that complex, more brutal in its structure.
The taste is massive with waves of black fruit and notes of sweet licorice, fire smoke and chocolate. A very long finish that ends semi dry. Very concentrated. I remember it being more sweet 6 years ago. This is definitely impressive but not hedonistic - this is more of a tasting beer than a drinking beer. I´m gonna save the remaining bottle a few years more just to see what happens.

83p   (tasted from bottle - 2010/12)


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