Tuesday, 28 December 2010

No 45-46 - Panil Barriquée Sour & Panil Enhanced

I was exited when I bought these two Italian handcrafted beers, and was looking forward to try them together. I now wish I haven´t opened them and instead used them as decoration...

Panil Barriquée Sour
A big, tight, very sour nose with notes of sour milk, sour cherrys, yoghurt and dry wood. Very much of that dry wood note, like unfresh oakchips. And that underlying sour nose of everything - no thanks!
The taste is big and demanding with lots of sour cherrys, raisins and som wood notes, although not as dry as on the nose. Long, tight and rather complex. The taste is actually ok, you can sit and sip this for a while, but the nose is appaling.

63p   (tasted from bottle - 2010/11)

Panil Enhanced
A rather fresh, flowery nose with some lemon, ginger and a touch of wood. This is a little Champagne like on the nose. Deep. A very creamy nose. Good.
But the taste doesn´t follow true I´m afraid - a very bitter, narrow taste with notes of ginger, lemon and vanilla (from new barrels). A touch sparkling. Become more and more woody in the taste with air. This is better than the Barriquée Sour but that is splitting hair.

68p   (tasted from bottle - 2010/11)


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