Wednesday, 19 January 2011

X27 - Dugges Kals Stout

Having tasted a lot of Belgian beers lately, I had the craving for a Swedish stout! And this one is from one of my favourite brewerys in Sweden - Dugges. But sorry to say, this one didn´t meet their usual standard.
The nose is dark and very smoky with notes of muscovado sugar, tar and freshly roasted coffee. And it starts of nicely but it becomes thinner and thinner on the nose as it sits in the glas. Too bad.
The taste is the same - it starts of nicely with dark, sweet fruit and some smoky, nice notes but the finish is medium long and ends rather thin. When drunk fast, a nice beer, but for those long evenings of sipping, it doesn´t fill its shoes.

80p   (tasted from bottle - 2010/12)


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