Monday, 21 March 2011

Three Triples!

As I have mentioned before, the Triple is, alongside IPA, my favourite style of beer. And this evening I had the chance to try three different ones with some friends - a great evening!

No 83 - St Feuillien Triple  (Belgium)
A deep, fine, spicy nose with notes of dry lemoncello, cornflakes, sweet potatoes and a hint of ginger. Very nice and a little on the soft side. A touch of perfume after a while.
The taste is nice and balanced with sweet yellow fruit and notes of candied lemon peels, ginger and sweet hay. There is a touch of alcohol (8,5%) in the middle flavour. Long and warm. This is a good triple but it doesn´t reach the best of them.

86p   (tasted from bottle - 2011/02)

X45 - Witkap-Pater Tripel  (Belgium)
This one was a whole other animal. A light, earthy nose with notes of mustard, autumn leaves and lots of vegetables. High acidity. Medium deep. A bit anemic if fact.
The taste is better than the nose with fine, elegant yellow fruit and a nice bitterness. It is long and balanced, but right at the end it is a little hollow. Nicer taste than nose but this one doesn´t leave me wanting more.

78p   (tasted from bottle - 2011/02)

X46 - Pater Lieven Triple  (Belgium)
Saved the best for last! The nose is cool but intense with notes of yellow apples, almonds, tangerine and root vegetables. Deep and fine. Has a creamy feeling about it. Very good.
The taste is also cool and elegant with a lovely sweet/sour yellow fruit, lots of tangerines and a nice stony feeling about it. Very long. Ends with a very nice dry twist. Very, very good.

90p   (tasted from bottle - 2011/02)


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