Tuesday, 19 April 2011

No 92 - Chouffe N´Ice (Belgium)

Did go through a bunch of these bottles over Christmas, but didn´t make a formal note.
The nose is deep, sweet, spicy with notes of chocolate covered orange peels, licorice, ripe bananas and some detergent (in a positive way!). Very deep and good, although a tad too sweet for me.
The taste is big, creamy and rich with notes of raisins, dried fruits, licorice and a nice sweet/sour note. The warmth in the finish is fine, but right at the end the sweetness takes a hold. I didn´t noticed that when I had it with the variation of christmas food, but now on its own it´s a little too sweet. Still very good though, will still be buying this one for future Christmas tables!

88p   (tasted from bottle - 2011/03)


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