Thursday, 17 February 2011

London Report - Part 1

Spent a couple of days in London, and between museums and shopping I managed to taste some beers too! :-)

No 67 - Woodforde´s Wherry Norfolk Ale
This has a soft, nice, fine nose with notes of lemons, dried fruits and dry balsamic vinegar. Nice fruit sweetness. Good.
The taste is soft and pure with dried yellow fruit, hay and some lemon peel. Soft finish with a nice bitterness. A jolly good ale!

88p   (tasted from cask - 2011/02)

X33 - Young´s Gold
A rather weak, soft nose with notes of grass, hay, gravel and dry lemon peel. Clean but boring.
The taste is cool and one dimensionell with some notes of dry honey, lemon peel and hay. The taste is somewhat better than the nose, but this is boring.

72p   (tasted from cask - 2011/02)

No 68 - Adnams Broadside
A fine, cool nose with notes of hay, honey, milk chocolate and some lemon. A nice hoppy note. Not that deep but nice.
The taste is broadsided...with a nice bitterness and notes of grass, banana and dried yellow fruit. The finish is short though. Good but nothing more.

82p   (tasted from cask - 2011/12)


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