Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Two americans at the pub...

No, not any nice american people (this time!) - but two nice american beers! :-)

No 93 - Dale´s Pale Ale  (USA)
A deep, fine, fruity nose with notes of peaches, caramell and some smoke. A fine creamy feeling. Very good. Lovely sweetness. Deep and very good!
The taste is cool, balanced and elegant with a light, fresh bitterness and notes of peaches, almonds and grass. A very nice finish, but maybe just a tad short. Very, very good.

91p   (tasted from can - 2011/03)

No 94 - Left Hand Sawtooth Ale  (USA)
A deep, semi dark nose with notes of ripe banana, roasted nuts, orange peel and some coffee. Ripe and good. There is a touch of wet dog that comes and goes, but other than that, a very good beer.
The taste is soft and creamy with nice yellow/red fruit and notes of nuts, orange peel and fudge. A cool, nice bitterness. Very good but the wet dog element puts is behind the Dale.

87p   (tasted from bottle - 2011/03)


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