Thursday, 5 May 2011

No 100 - Rodenbach Grand Cru (Belgium)

For the 100th beer in my quest to reach the holy grail of 1001 had to be something special, and this one proved to be.
The nose is highly strung, and fascinating with notes of detergent, sweet and sour cherrys, old leather, very mature red apples and the haunting scent of a 50 year old champagne. Just lovely! A very elegant creaminess. I could sit with my nose in the glass all night long.
The taste is pungent, intense and one of a kind, with notes of lingonberrys, milk chocolate, sweet and sour cherrys and a champagne vinegary note. Very, very long. Layers upon layers with interesting and fascinating scents. I guess you either love or hate this kind of beer - and I am just madly in love! :-)

98p   (tasted from bottle - 2011/04)


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