Thursday, 5 May 2011

No 101 - Carlsberg Elephant (Denmark)

Well, the march to 1001 beers almost came to a halt here. I remember drinking this one in my youth, but to be honest, then I was aiming for the effect it had on me, not the taste. But I can´t remember it tasting this bad!
A medium deep, somewhat sweet nose with notes of sugared water, dry cookie dough, warm gravel and a irritating metallic note. I can live with the nose, but the taste...
is foursquare and metallic with the bitterness and the sultry sweetness all over the place. The finish is medium long (too long!) with a creeping alcohol feeling about it. No way I´m drinking this again - what do one not do for the art...:-)

60p   (tasted from can - 2011/04)


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