Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First 100 - The 10 Most Memorable

Whem browsing through my tasting notes of the first 100 beers in this quest towards 1001 beers - these beers stand out in my tasting buds memory:

Tripel Karmeliet - a perennial favourite of mine. When asked of my favourite beer ever this one usually makes top three. Only brewed since 1996 is hasn´t the history like some its Belgian siblings, but alas, it is just magnificent for me.
No 5 - Tripel Karmeliet (Belgium)

Pilsner Urquell - brewed since 1842, this Czechish beaty is the perfect thirst quencher, but with an added complexity. Pure like a mountain river it flows over your palate - the ultimate Pils.
No 14 - Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)

St. Bernardus Tripel - as readers may have noticed, Triples are one of my favourite beer styles, and this may be the ultimate one. Brewed since 1994 this golden beaty is both complexity and hedonism in a bottle.
No 26 - St. Bernardus Tripel (Belgium)

Butcombe Gold Bitter - this stunning bitter was a new acquaintance for me, but a great one for sure. This beer was released in 1998 to great acclaim, according to the book. I can see why!
No 27 - Butcombe Gold Bitter (England)

Goose Island Matilda - this belgian style ale from USA is a stunning piece of work - soo deep, complex and intoxicating, one just have to open bottle after bottle after bottle...
No 48 - Goose Island Matilda (USA)

Moinette Blonde - this is one breathtaking blonde - layers upon layers of the sweetest fruit imaginable paired with a laser focus and a great length - this gentleman prefers this blonde...
No 56 - Moinette Blonde (Belgium)

Thornbridge Jaipur - this relatively newcomer on the beer scene (first brewed 2005) is a classic in the making - fresh american hoppy notes with a solid british ale background - sooooo gulpable!
No 77 - Thornbridge Jaipur (England)

Ommegang Three Philosophers - this american strong ale is a epiphany - a belgian style quadruppel with a small amount of kriek - and the result is flirting with perfection. I´m glad I have bought many!
No 81 - Ommegang Three Philosophers (USA)

Epic Mayhem - ever newer than the Jaipur above this limited released ale was first brewed in 2006. The bitterness is very high but the potent fruit keeps up with it and creates a drop dead gorgeous beer!
No 84 - Epic Mayhem (New Zealand)

Rodenbach Grand Cru - this, almost, perfect creature is made of one-third young and two-thirds matured beer, that have been matured in huge oak vats. The result is idiosyncratic, very unique and just lovely!
No 100 - Rodenbach Grand Cru (Belgium)

Looking forward to do this browsing through memory lane when I reach 200! :-)


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